Rainbow Sash Movement Thought for Today

Dialog with Integrity

Pentecost calls for listening, and discerning. Gay and Lesbian Catholics have been to silent and invisible within the Church. Sadly, this has only enabled the homophobia that challenges us today. We cannot begin to find “Common Ground” with others, unless we are willing to challenge their homophobia.

Ghettoizing ourselves with separate liturgies is not the answer, because this only really removes us from parish life which is so vital to our spiritual life. We are called to take the next step and place the rest in the Lord’s hands. Many of us have a “go along to get along” mentality. Such a mentality only stagnates growth, and stops us from promoting the Gospel in our midst.

It is clearly irrational to say we love the celibate gay, and non celibate gays are not entitled their human rights. Discrimination based on difference of sexual orientation is wrong.


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