Open Letter to the Chicago Archdiocesan Gay and Lesbian Outreach Board of Directors

I write this note with a heavy heart because you have chosen to ignore the cries of your own community for Justice. You even try to legitimize your behavior by the idolization of the Eucharist; with a profound deception about separating the liturgy from the issue of social justice. You promote a closet mentality and hide from the cries of your own people for Justice for personal comfort.

Now you try to hide from the responsibility of inviting Cardinal George to your 25th anniversary as if you have no accountability to this Eucharistic Community. Your reasoning like your decision to invite this bigot into our liturgical community is flawed and lacking in both common sense and integrity.

My faith is in the power of the sacraments to change individual souls into a community that would overflow with love of neighbor and seek a just society where all people are treated with dignity and respect. You turn your backs on this form of Catholic Action, see, judge and act. I can only presume you do so out of fear of losing something you really never had.

We come to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel this Sunday as people of faith who have committed ourselves to the Gospels. I call on you to take a Christ inspired active role in saying homophobia is not a Value of those Gospels even if a Prince of the Church tries to promote it as such from the pulpit of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. Also, I call on you to promote the equality of love due to each and every human being in the sight of God.

Be not afraid.

Joe Murray
Executive Director
Rainbow Sash Movement

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