Rainbow Sash Movement (LGBT Catholics) responds to the Faith based bigotry of Cardinal Francis George on Gay Marriage.

Cardinal Francis George will be visiting Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church, 708 W. Belmont, Chicago, in the heart of Chicago’s Gay Ghetto on Sunday, June 16, at 7PM. The visit was requested by the Board of Directors of the Archdiocesan Gay and Lesbian Outreach Ministry to celebrate their 25th anniversary.

A demonstration will be held in front of the Church led by the Gay Liberation Network and Rainbow Sash Movement, while inside individuals attending the Mass will stand when the Cardinal approaches the lectern to give his sermon, and turn their backs when comments on Bigotry .The RSM has informed Cardinal George by letter that if he shows up he will be met with open opposition. In the same letter he was told of our willingness to meet with him to discuss the issue.

Joe Murray, Executive Director of the Rainbow Sash Movement said “Our message to the Cardinal is simple hate is easy, love takes courage, and the kind of faith based bigotry he promotes is not welcome in Chicago’s LGBT Community. This visit is especially poignant since it takes place during June which is the month our community celebrates Gay Pride.”

In his most recent column in the Chicago Catholic New World the Cardinal has conveniently ignored Christ’s mandate that his disciples love one another as he has loved them as he publicly beats his chest about the recent no vote on the Illinois Gay Marriage Bill.

Many in today’s Church feel a disconnect with the hierarchy because they have become detached from the concept of social justice and human dignity and wallow in the caves of bigotry when it comes to Gay Marriage.

Increasingly the Cardinal’s political activity shows open contempt for LGBT People. His trust in the promotion of bigotry over moral dialogue or ethical analysis only highlights how dysfunctional and unreasonable his position is. Clearly he does not agree with the concept of separation of Church and State when it comes to marriage.

RSM News Team

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