Rainbow Sash Movement (LGBT Catholics) Calls on Cardinal Francis George of Chicago to Reclaim God’s radical inclusivity on Pentecost Sunday (May 19)

The Catholic Church teaching calls same-sex attraction “an objective disorder” and condemns homosexual activity as immoral, though it also calls on Catholics to welcome and respect gays and lesbians in their faith communities. How the later can be accommodated with the former is a mystery and therefore creates a web of bigotry resulting in Catholic’s losing their jobs, being denied the sacraments, being excommunicated or who have been made to feel ‘less than’ by their church leaders because of who their families are as result of love.

Joe Murray, Executive Director of the Rainbow Sash Movement (RSM) released the following statement.

“It has been difficult for the Rainbow Sash Movement to remain part of the Roman Catholic Church because of a hierarchy that has been so hostile towards the LGBT Community in recent years. This is especially true considering nearly 30% of all successful teenage suicides are attributed to sexual identity issues.

We call on Cardinal Francis George of Chicago to open his mind, heart and see this as an opportunity to love, support and welcome all people regardless of their sexual orientation on Pentecost Sunday. We also call on him to support the right of all couples regardless of sexual orientation to be treated equally and fairly when it comes to the institution of marriage under Illinois State Law. A majority—54 percent—of U.S. Catholics support gay marriage, compared to 47 percent of all Americans, according to a recent Quinnipiac University poll.

We see our speaking out as an act of love towards a community which was born of God’s radical inclusivity. We have lost that in our church, and we would like to get it back. This is why we will wear Rainbow Sashes this Sunday at Holy Name Cathedral at the 11AM Liturgy as a sign of love and hope.”

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