Rainbow Sash Movement to Enter Holy Name Cathedral

A Time for Prayer and Integrity

The Chicago Rainbow Sash Movement will be entering Holy Name Cathedral for the Chrism Mass. This Mass will be held on Tuesday, April 3, 2012 at 2:30PM during Holy Week.
The Sash is a symbol of self identification that the wearer is either Catholic LGBT or a straight ally. Contrary to what Cardinal George says it is about self identification not a political statement or dissent.

Because this Mass will be attended by the broad spectrum of Catholic leadership of the Archdiocese to include Cardinal Francis George, his auxiliary Bishops, and the vast majority of clergy and religious of the Archdiocese seating will best be gotten if you arrive by 2PM. If you plan on joining us further details will be made available. Joe Murray will be the spokes person for the Rainbow Sash Movement in attendance.

It is our tradition to put on the Rainbow Sash when the processional and music begins. Than we celibate the Liturgy like any other Catholics in a prayerful and respectful manner. When Communion is distributed we approach the altar for Communion. If we are denied Communion we return to our pew and remain standing until the end of the Liturgy, should we receive Communion we will kneel after returning to our pews.

Rainbow Sash Movement News

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