The Rainbow Sash Movement Supports the Call for a Demonstration outside Holy Name Cathedral.

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The Rainbow Sash Movement (RSM) wishes to throw its support behind the Gay Liberation Network and other individuals organizing this effort. The planned demonstration outside of Holy Name Cathedral is set for the 12 Noon Mass this coming Sunday, January 8. We had hoped by now that Cardinal Francis George would have issued a public apology for his remarks of comparing the gay liberation movement to the KKK.

We would also like to chastise the Cardinal for his chronic “managing” of this scandal. We had hoped that the Cardinal had a change of heart when he had his follow up statement justifying his original statement removed from the Archdiocese web site.

Trust is a necessary component between a Sheppard and his flock. Currently that level of trust is lacking because of the Cardinal’s irresponsible actions in this matter. The RSM believes he seriously endangers the identity and unity of the Catholic Church by these bigoted actions. He brings a cloud of suspicion over the Archdiocese’s commitment to the 10 pillars of Social Justice that the Church should be promoting.

We are asking that other LGBT Community groups both Catholic and non Catholic support this action as a sign of community solidarity that that Cardinal’s comments about the GLBT Community were wrong.

We again call on the Cardinal Francis George to follow in the footsteps of Archbishop Dolan current president of US Conference of Catholic Bishops in apologizing to the LGBT Community.

Board of Directors
Rainbow Sash Movement

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