Illinois Catholic Conference Pitts Gay Rights against Religious Freedom

Integrity is the only forward

Why has the Illinois Roman Catholic Conference focused on pitting Gay Rights against Religious Freedom, rather than moving the discussion to Gay Rights and Religious Freedom?  We are talking about the lives of some 2,300 children of the 15,000 children in the foster care system that Catholic Charities collectively handle across the state of Illinois. It is time for both sides of this issue to sit down and engage in direct communication.

The Rainbow Sash Movement believes the State of Illinois has every right to require that taxpayer dollars should come with nondiscrimination requirements. That said we wonder if there is any room for religious claims of conscience when it is odds with the law. We are opposed to discrimination when it comes to sexual orientation, but we also understand the way we oppose that discrimination speaks to the core values we hold.

We have seen this scenario play out in the Archdiocese of Washington, and Boston, only to see those agencies retreat from foster care and adoptions services. We must challenge our church leaders to think more creatively on this because of American core principals of Equality and Liberty, and ask is their actions in the best of interests of the 15,000 children currently in the Illinois foster care and adoption services.

Rainbow Sash Movement

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