Rainbow Sash Movement Remembers Gay Pride

Pride is about Self Identification

The Month of June is Gay Pride Month in the United States and beyond. Pride celebrates the awakening of the modern gay rights movement. While this movement began with the Stonewall Bar riots, it was from the marginalized and the poor of the LGBT Community that the movement received its breath of life.

Today part of our movement have taken on the trappings of marketing,and best business practices, and unfortunately these elements believe at times they speak for our movement.

Even LGBT Catholics have bought into this commercial approach. A corporate and/or commercial approach should not replace the full promotion of the Gospel. We firmly believe that today’s Gay Rights Movement embody the full range of the Gospel values, by promoting love over hate.

During your celebrations this month remember we stand on the shoulders of so many who have gone before. Our movement is gifted in that we have no centralized body of leadership regardless of what some commercial and political aspects of our community believe.

Let us celebrate with thankfulness for those who stood for us when we were either unwilling, or unable to stand for ourselves.

Rainbow Sash Movement

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